Businesses struggling with IT skills shortages despite tech layoffs – survey

94% of businesses on the island of Ireland are struggling to find IT staff, despite recent layoff announcements from many of the world’s largest tech companies.

The survey was carried out by Expleo, a global technology, engineering and consulting service provider.

It found that 83% of business leaders are struggling to meet the rising salary expectations of tech talent and that almost half of those surveyed see work/life balance expectations as a top challenge to attracting and retaining staff.

70% of the 141 business leaders who were surveyed said that IT talent shortages are impacting their business and transformation plans.

“While organisations can only do so much when it comes to external pressures such as inflation and salary competition, our research shows that businesses who are suffering from IT talent issues must take a bolder approach and tackle this issue head-on,” Paul O’Malley, Chief Operating Officer at Expleo Ireland, said.

“We can see that business leaders in Ireland are open to this, with almost three-quarters saying that part of the solution lies in automation, while others are outsourcing more functions,” Mr O’Malley said.

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